Hospital Bed Accessories

Model No: GHF33.02

Description: Hospital Bed Accessories


Hospital Bed Accessories

GHF33.02/1     Mosquito Net Poles

GHF33.02/2     I.V. Rod

GHF33.02/3     Baby Crib with Attachment

GHF33.02/4     Balkan Frame

GHF33.02/5     Collapsible Side Railing

GHF33.02/6     Bed Elevator

GHF33.02/7     Lifting pole

GHF33.02/8     Mattress

GHF33.02/9     Pillow

GHF33.02/10    Burn Cage

GHF33.02/11    I.V. Stand with four Hook

GHF33.02/12   I.V. Stand with two Hook

GHF33.02/13    I.V. Stand with single Hook

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